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Leveraging Small Intestinal Data to Power Novel Insights

The SIMBA Capsule is an Investigational Device - limited by law to authorized investigational use. 

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SIMBA Capsule
Small Intestinal MicroBiome Aspiration

The Small Intestine Microbiome Aspiration (SIMBA) capsule is an ingestible, single-use capsule that enables passive sampling of small bowel luminal fluid. Users will receive a SIMBA capsule kit at home by mail, which includes the SIMBA capsule, retrieval kit, sample mail return kit.

SIMO Database
Small Intestinal Multi-Omic

Actionable intelligence is then powered by the Nimble SIMO database, which enables the correlation of spatial and temporal aspects against a broad cohort of small intestinal data. 

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shutterstock_1099181597 (1) 2_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Actionable Insights

Our current understanding of the gut microbiome is based on the microbiota found within stool samples, which insufficiently characterizes the microbial characterization of the small intestine. Over 2000 differences have been found among bacterial communities found in stool collection compared to collections focused on the small intestine.

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