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SIMBA GI Platform Use Cases

The breadth and depth of the gastrointestinal tract’s influence on whole-body health and long-term wellbeing is being rapidly uncovered. The ability to collect spatially and temporally precise multi-omic samples from the GI tract in vivo can broadly fuse your innovation pipeline. Here are some of the ways our first customers are working with Nimble Science and integrating our SIMBA technology in their work.


Monitoring treatment induced changes

SIMBA's precise and easy-to-use design offers unprecedented access to monitoring the small intestine at various time points of treatment protocols for pharmaceutical or nutraceutical products, including immediate interventional effects or monitoring long-term usage. Such time-stamped, rich microbiome and metabolic data offers a deeper look into the mechanisms and success of your product.

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Validating probiotic induced microbiome changes

The SIMBA GI Platform provides a rich, time-stamped profile of the microbiome at various stages of probiotic use, providing deeper insights into the mechanisms of your probiotic’s influence on phenotypic outcomes of interest.


Advancing fecal transplant-induced treatments

Interpersonal transfer of certain phenotypes, including GI, oncology and mental illness, have been demonstrated via fecal transplant. SIMBA offers unprecedented access to monitoring microbial changes in response to fecal transplants.


Correlating microbiome and metabolic profiles with disease states

There exists compelling evidence of interactions between intestinal microbiota and various other systems, including the immune system, ANS, ENS, and CNS. In addition to microbial profiling, SIMBA GI platform also enables customers to access the underlying metabolomic profile  underlying disease states for further understanding of disease etiology and novel treatment approaches.


Monitoring progression or regression of disease

The SIMBA GI Platform can be used to continuously monitor GI or GI-associated disease states for correlation of microbiome and metabolomic changes with changes in disease symptoms, creating a diagnostic metric by which to assess disease severity.


Measuring environmental and genetic influences on microbiome composition

The SIMBA GI Platform's at-home, passive usage allows for it to be assimilated into the context of one's diet and lifestyle. In addition, entire families can partake synchronously enabling the disentanglement of genetic and environmental factors on microbiome composition and aiding in the discovery of biomarkers in complex GI-associated disorders.

Learn how we can deliver such data to you

The SIMBA Capsule is an Investigational Device - limited by law to authorized investigational use. 

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