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SIMBA Capsule

Small Intestinal MicroBiome Aspiration 

The SIMBA Capsule is an Investigational Device - limited by law to authorized investigational use. 

Coated capsule in vial close up - Copy.jpg

Simple. Safe. Reliable.

The SIMBA Capsule is a small ingestible capsule that can selectively collect an uncontaminated small intestinal fluid biopsy.

The SIMBA Capsule is available for use as  an Investigational Device

Home Based Collection

Small intestinal fluid samples can be collected by the user in the home. The capsule autonomously transits the GI tract via pH control.  The capsule collects,  seals and preserves a fluid biopsy from the deepest regions of the small intestine 

Mail Return

The fluid biopsies are preserved at the collection site within the small intestine to ensure sample quality during colonic transit. Collected samples are easily returned for processing. 

View the SIMO dataset

The SIMBA capsule collects Small Intestinal Multi-Omic datasets that are distinct from Fecal and comparable to endoscopy. Come and see the difference. 

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