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Unprecedented Access to Actionable Data from the GI Tract

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The SIMBA GI PLATFORM delivers multi-omic datasets from the whole GI tract, including the intensely bioactive small intestine.

Personalized medicine needs to consider the whole person

We all house trillions of microscopic organisms. In fact, with respect to the number of cells, we are more than 50% 'non-human'. This vast, diverse forest within us is termed the microbiome and it plays an essential role in our health.

The gut is out of reach

"All disease begins in the gut". Although Hippocrates had this intuition over 2000 years ago, scientists continue to unravel its mysteries and intricacies till this day. Reaching the deepest parts of the gut has proven quite difficult. Sampling through endoscopy is very costly and the widely adopted alternative of stool poses issues of contamination along with others.

The gut is a central player

Rapidly advancing research in the field highlights the active role of the gut and the associated microbiome in nearly all facets of health and disease. Since the dynamics of all micro-biomes are unique, therapeutic efforts tailored to the whole individual inevitably experience greater success.

The power of in-vivo sampling

Nimble Science's innovative approach provides direct sampling and analysis of targeted regions of the gastrointestinal tract. 

The small intestine has a large impact on our health throughout our day-to-day lives, with it’s critical role in both the digestion and absorption of nutrients, it’s connection with our brain, and the presence of microbiota that work to maintain our immune system. The better we understand the composition of our small intestine, the better we can develop therapeutic approaches to transform the approach to healthcare and improve the lives for all.

Our current understanding of the gut microbiome is based on the microbiota found within stool samples, which insufficiently characterizes the microbial characterization of the small intestine. Over 2000 differences have been found among bacterial communities found in stool collection compared to collections focused on the small intestine.

The Critical Role of the Small Intestinal Microbiota

Are You Ready to Reach New Depths of Microbiome Data?

The SIMBA GI Platform leverages the SIMBA Capsule to autonomously transit the GI tract  to COLLECT, SEAL and PRESERVE

a multi-omic fluid biopsy from the deepest regions of the small intestine. 

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