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NIMBLE SCIENCE launches a partnership with YYC GROWERS

NIMBLE SCIENCE launches a partnership with YYC GROWERS to study the impact of organic food on the health of the small intestine with the SIMBA capsule.

CALGARY, Canada – January 3, 2023

Nimble Science is proud to announce a new collaboration with YYC Growers to explore the role of organic food in the health of the small intestinal microbiome. Nimble Science is preparing to launch their first community-based study to collect small intestine samples from healthy participants and those with different GI conditions with a goal increasing our understanding of the human small intestine microbiome and metabolome. As part of the study, YYC Growers is committing to offering a $30 YYC Grower's Gift Card to all participants.

"In our committment to the delivery of healthy and sustainable food options to our customers, we are interested to further explore its direct impact to the gut microbiome", said Rod Olsen, the Regenerative Agriculture Specialist from YYC Growers. The study will utilize Nimble Science's SIMBA capsule, a first in kind ingestible pill sized device that is capable of collecting a preserved sample directly from the small intestine in the patient's home. "The heath impacts of maintaining a healthy gut microbiome are now clear. It is time to move beyond stool testing and dive deeper into the gut to understand how diet, microbiome and host body cells interact with each other." said Dr. Sabina Bruehlmann, CEO of Nimble Science, "Our SIMBA capsule technology allows unprecedented access to the small intestine, an area that was nearly impossible to access previously" .

Please visit "Become a Clinical Donor" to learn more details about this study. We thank for YYC Growers & Distributors for their support to this study.

YYC Growers is a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)-style program committed to delivering healthy and sustainable food from local Calgary producers. Nimble Science is a local Calgary healthtech company working to better understand the role of the microbiome in delivering personalized solutions for health and wellness. The investigation is part of a larger study titled, “Evaluation of the Small Intestine Microbiome Aspiration (SIMBA) Capsule for Small Intestinal Dysbiosis” that will recruit 150 participants and is expected to be completed within the first half of 2023. The study is being conducted under Investigational Testing authorization from Health Canada (#351643) and Health Research Ethics Board of Alberta (HREBACTC 22-0096). Nimble Science is engaging with a full range of partners to demonstrate the potential of the SIMBA capsule to drive a broad range of innovation and discovery.

More details on the study can be found at

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