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Nimble Science closes $2M USD seed round

Nimble Science closes $2M USD seed round to commercially scale the revolutionary multi-omic SIMBA GI Health Platform to microbiome-based food, supplement, diagnostic and drug companies

Nimble Science Press Release 04.04.2023
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CALGARY, Canada – April 4, 2023

Nimble Science Ltd., a digital health company delivering first-in-class at home capsule based small intestinal fluid biopsy and multi-omic microbiome data capabilities via its SIMBA GI Health platform, announced today that it has raised a 2 million dollar USD Seed round. This funding brings Nimble Science out of stealth mode to enable academia, government and industry to unlock critical health data insights in the previously out of reach small intestine. Over fifteen chronic diseases are associated with dysbiosis of the small intestine, representing a 75 billion dollar total addressable market. Nimble Science’s consumer-friendly SIMBA™ capsule finally enables small intestine multi-omic microbiome data collection to empower novel consumer product, therapeutic and diagnostic development.

Fusion Fund, of Palo Alto, California led the oversubscribed financing round, which included new investors First Spark Ventures, Alumni Ventures, Joyance Partners, Adara VC and Startup TNT and TNT Capital, with follow-on funding from pre-seed partners, which include BoxOne Ventures, Threshold Impact, BlueSky Equities, UCeed Child Health and Wellness Fund and angels. Nimble Science is led by experienced medtech, wearable and ingestible executives, along with advisors spanning GI, microbiome & digital health.

Nimble’s SIMBA™ capsule has been clinically validated to collect an uncontaminated sample from the deepest and previously inaccessible regions of the small intestine – housing one of the most bioactive and critical microbial environments. “The microbiome and metabolomic profiles we see in the small intestine through SIMBA are significantly different from what we have seen in the feces and are comparable to endoscopy. Reliance on fecal samples has provided us with only half of the picture.” says Nimble CTO Dr. Joseph Wang. Nimble’s technology, ease of administration and actionable health data insights are unparalleled in comparison with competing solutions, and Nimble has been actively partnering with microbiome leaders around the world to deliver these novel datasets. “With Nimble’s innovation,” explains Terry Dyck, CEO of IGY Life Sciences and a customer of Nimble, “we can respond precisely to specific pathogens that cause disease in the area of key interest”. In partnership with Lallemand Health Solutions, Nimble has also demonstrated the device’s capacity to capture the delivery of probiotics directly to the small intestine. This collaboration represents a revolutionary milestone with direct applicability for microbiome therapeutics and consumer probiotics or synbiotics.

“The time is now for our SIMBA product to revolutionize the field by providing access to this novel dataset. The introduction of endoscopy-quality liquid biopsies collected from large cohorts within the home is a game changer for understanding, monitoring and treating a variety of gut-related conditions”, says Nimble CEO Dr. Sabina Bruehlmann. Funds will be deployed to advance the SIMBA GI Health diagnostic test platform, grow commercial research partnerships spanning consumer products, academia, government and drug companies, as well as expand Nimble Science’s team.

“From our deep research in the digital GI space, it quickly became clear that there is a critical gap in the diagnosis and treatment of many complex diseases due to a lack of understanding the link between the microbiome and human health,” said Ivneet Bhullar, Principal at Fusion Fund. “We are excited to back Nimble as it seeks to leverage its novel technology to generate first-in-class datasets that will illuminate the small intestinal microbiome and unlock the development of a new category of microbiome-based diagnostics and therapeutics.”

About Nimble Science Ltd. Headquartered in Calgary, Canada, Nimble Science is empowering breakthrough health innovation spanning pharmaceuticals, diagnostics and consumer health R&D programs. To learn more, please visit For more information, contact: Sabina Bruehlmann CEO, 403.862.5777

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