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NEW FUNDING: Small Intestinal Data has the Potential to Revolutionize Gut Health Product Innovation

The funding by Ki Tua Fund underscores the value of precision microbiome testing for product innovation and confidence in the company’s track record of servicing consumer health companies with a next generation data set.

Nimble Press release_Ki Tua Funding Announcement 2024.04.18
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Calgary, Canada – April 18, 2024

Nimble Science, a digital health company delivering a first- in-class home-based platform to collect multi-omic microbiome data directly from the small intestine announced today the injection of new capital from Ki Tua Fund.  The investment from Ki Tua Fund follows a recent investment from Seventure Partners and comes in addition to the initial seed funding round of 2 million USD closed last year and led by Fusion Fund of Palo Alto, US. The additional funds will serve to further propel Nimble Science on its mission to revolutionize the clinical potential of the gut microbiome.

The funds raised will accelerate Nimble Science's commercialization of the first end-to-end GI intelligence platform using the SIMBA capsule for multi-omic mapping of the small intestine to provide stakeholders across the life science continuum with endoscopy quality data from the home.

Tim Carroll, head of R&D at Ki Tua Fund, said " The SIMBA capsule is an exciting technology that provides unique insight into what is happening in the upper intestine. This insight could unlock entirely new markets by enabling precision formulation of nutritional products for very targeted health benefits.”

Sabina Bruehlmann, CEO of Nimble Science is emboldened by Ki Tua Fund’s commitment to the next generation of microbiome science and Nimble Science’s innovative approach with their initial investment. "Ki Tua Fund’s investment signals a commitment to advance the science of product innovation and deliver products that have a proven impact on health.”

The SIMBA™ system is a single-use, ingestible passive capsule that allows for the non-invasive sampling of small intestinal contents to ‘reach the unreachable’, providing a means for the microbiome scientific, therapeutic & diagnostic community to finally gain access to multi-omic data from the small intestine. Due to the complexity, cost & invasiveness of endoscopy, our understanding of the small intestinal microbiome significantly lags behind our understanding of the colon, and further, the lack of access means the industry relies on fecal sampling as a proxy. The SIMBA capsule was developed and validated by Nimble Science to collect endoscopic quality samples directly from the small intestine and is currently deployed in industry-partnered studies worldwide across a wide range of disease indications.

The funding by Ki Tua Fund underscores the value of precision microbiome testing for product innovation and confidence in the company’s track record of servicing consumer health companies with a next generation data set. With this latest injection of capital, Nimble Science is well-positioned to make significant strides in supporting the pharmaceutical, diagnostics, and consumer wellness ingredients industries to deliver innovative solutions harnessing the full potential of the gut microbiome.

About Nimble Science                

Nimble Science is a digital health company delivering first-in-class at-home capsule-based small intestinal fluid biopsy and multi-omic microbiome data capabilities via its SIMBA™ GI Health platform. Nimble’s SIMBA™ capsule has been clinically validated to collect an uncontaminated sample from the deepest and previously inaccessible regions of the small intestine – housing one of the most bioactive and critical microbial environments. Nimble’s technology, ease of administration and actionable health data insights are unparalleled in comparison with competing solutions, and Nimble has been actively partnering with industry leaders around the world to empower breakthrough health innovation spanning pharmaceuticals, diagnostics and consumer health R&D programs.

To learn more, please visit the website at

About Ki Tua Fund

Ki Tua Fund is the venture capital arm of Fonterra Co-operative Group. Ki Tua Fund invests, partners and works with extraordinary founders and startup to accelerate and scale disruptive solutions. Ki Tua Fund combines science, nutrition, and technology to make a positive impact on health.


For further information please contact: NImble Science

Sabina Bruehlmann CEO

Ki Tua Fund

Hamish Gowans Operating Partner

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