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Nimble Science launches clinical study of the SIMBA capsule with Lallemand Health Solutions

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CALGARY, Canada – January 27, 2021

Nimble Science, a medical device company located in Calgary Alberta, is announcing the start of their first North American clinical study of their Small Microbiome Aspiration Capsule (SIMBA™) – an ingestible capsule capable of in vivo sampling the fluid of the small intestine. The study is being led by Dr. Christopher N Andrews of the Division of Gastroentrology at the University of Calgary and is conducted in partnership with Lallemand Health Solutions.

Nimble’s SIMBA capsule is a small ingestible pill that passively samples the small intestine and autonomously transits the gastrointestinal tract. The capsule can be used to provide a novel solution for basic research of the gut microbiota, disease etiology and therapeutic intervention within the small intestine, oral drug development and new biomarker identification – leading to advances in personalized medicine and nutrition.

Lallemand Health Solutions is a privately-owned Canadian company that researches, manufactures, and markets probiotic bacteria and yeast to nutritional and pharmaceutical companies that sell to the consumer and is a global leader of the probiotic industry with 600 formulas distributed in more than 60 countries. Lallemand Health Solutions is a research driven company and has an interest in innovative tools to evaluate the beneficial effect of probiotics in the human body and to understand the mechanisms of action of these microorganisms.

The study titled, “Use of the Small Intestine Microbiome Aspiration (SIMBA) Capsule to detect Dietary Intervention in the Small Intestine” will recruit 20 participants and is expected to be completed within the first quarter of 2021. The study is being conducted under Investigational Testing authorization from Health Canada (#318739) and University of Calgary Conjoint Research Ethics Board (REB20-1211). In 2021 Nimble Science will begin to engage with a full range of partners to demonstrate the potential of the SIMBA capsule to drive a broad range of innovation.

Contact: Joseph (Gang) Wang, CEO More details on the study can be found at

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