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Seventure Partners Invests to Accelerate New Product Innovation and Multi-Omic GI Mapping with Nimble's SIMBA Capsule

Updated: Jan 24



Nimble Press release_SVP Funding Announcement 2024.01.24
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Calgary, Canada, January 24, 2024 –

Nimble Science, a digital health company delivering a first-in-class home-based platform to collect multi-omic microbiome data directly from the small intestine announced today the injection of new capital from Seventure Partners of France, via its Health for Life Capital II fund.  This injection of capital comes in addition to the initial seed funding round of 2 million USD closed last year and led by Fusion Fund of Palo Alto, US; and will serve to further propel Nimble Science on its mission to revolutionize the clinical potential of the gut microbiome.

Seventure Partners is the premier venture capital firm investing in the microbiome. Their investment in Nimble Science aligns with a strategy of funding the most vanguard microbiome technologies spanning pharma, diagnostics, consumer wellness ingredients & skincare. The funds raised will accelerate Nimble Science's commercialization of the first end-to-end GI intelligence platform using the SIMBA capsule for multi-omic mapping of the small intestine to provide stakeholders across the life science continuum with endoscopy quality data from the home.

Isabelle De Cremoux, CEO and managing partner at Seventure Partners said, " We are delighted to be working with Nimble Science as they build deep knowledge of our human microbiome along the entire GI tract utilizing their innovative SIMBA capsule. We are excited by the potential to identify new causal relationships in GI disorders but even more importantly to generate new insights for gut-targeted products including next gen probiotics and novel LBPs that will help consumers and patients alike. As a player committed to the planet and health, this investment was obvious for us and our HEALTH FOR LIFE CAPITAL II™ fund".
Sabina Bruehlmann, CEO of Nimble Science expressed gratitude for the continued support from existing investors and the confidence shown by Seventure Partners with their initial investment of 0.5 million. "Seventure Partners’ track record of investing in the most disruptive and scientifically advanced microbiome companies validates Nimble Science’s value proposition of providing the life science community with a cutting-edge GI intelligence platform capability”.

The SIMBA system is a single-use, ingestible passive capsule that allows for the non-invasive sampling of small intestinal contents to ‘reach the unreachable’, providing a means for the microbiome scientific, therapeutic & diagnostic community to finally gain access to multi-omic data from the small intestine. Due to the complexity, cost & invasiveness of endoscopy, our understanding of the small intestinal microbiome significantly lag behind our understanding of the colon, and further, the lack of access means the industry relies on fecal sampling as a proxy. The SIMBA capsule was developed and validated by Nimble Science to collect endoscopic quality samples directly from the small intestine and is currently deployed in industry-partnered studies worldwide across a wide range of disease indications. Nimble Science CTO, Joseph Wang, is speaking at the 2024 Precision Medicine World Congress in Silicon Valley providing the opportunity for life science companies from across the industry to learn more about how the SIMBA capsule can be used to advance their innovative work.

The funding by Seventure Partners underscores the market's belief in the company's vision. With this latest injection of capital, Nimble Science is well-positioned to make significant strides in supporting the pharmaceutical, diagnostics, and consumer wellness ingredients industries to deliver innovative solutions harnessing the full potential of the gut microbiome.


About Nimble Science    

Nimble Science is a digital health company delivering first-in-class at-home capsule-based small intestinal fluid biopsy and multi-omic microbiome data capabilities via its SIMBATM GI Health platform. Nimble's SIMBACapsule has been clinically validated to collect an uncontaminated sample from the deepest and previously inaccessible regions of the small intestine - housing one of the most bioactive and critical microbial environments. Nimble's technology, ease of administration, and actionable health data insights are unparalleled in comparison with competing solutions and Nimble has been actively partnering with Industry leaders around the world to         

empower breakthrough health innovation spanning pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, and consumer health R&D programs.

About Seventure Partners

Seventure Partners is a long-term equity investor who actively supports innovative companies aiming at generating positive impacts on Humankind, Society, Sustainability, and the Planet.

With €1bn net commitments under management as of the end of 2023, Seventure is a leading venture capital firm in Europe investing since 1997 in innovative businesses with high growth potential in two main fields: Life sciences (health & digital health, nutrition, foodtech, blue economy, aquaculture, animal & agriculture, sport & wellness …) across Europe, Israel, Asia, and North America and Digital technologies in Europe. Investments can range between €500k and €10m per round, or up to €20m per company, from early to late stage, growth, pre-IPO, and IPO.

To learn more, please visit the website at

For more information, contact: Sabina Bruehlmann CEO, 403.862.5777

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