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Meet the Nimble Team

Nimble Science aims to transform personalized health by unlocking the gut for all. We firmly believe in the value of personalized solutions to treat the whole individual.


Sabina Bruehlmann Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer

Sabina delivers the knowledge and expertise to bring products to their full market potential. As co-founder, she is focused on the execution of Nimble's market access plan. Dr. Bruehlmann previously co-founded a successful medical device company and is motivated to use those learnings to launch Nimble Science forward. 

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Passionate and driven to share his technology with this emerging new field, co-founder and inventor Joseph Wang is leading Nimble Science to partner with teams from around the world. Dr. Wang has deep expertise in wearables and ingestibles with a track record of commercial success.

Gang (Joseph) Wang Ph.D.

Chief Technology Officer


Business strategy, product vision

and partner engagement

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Ricky Mehra

Clinical study design and execution, product design and clinical use in North America.

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Christopher Andrews, MD

Scientific validation and

product applications 

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Kathy McCoy, PhD

Funding Support 

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3655 36 St NW

Calgary, Alberta, T2L 1Y8



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